Byrne Clan raise more money for MS Ireland.

At a recent meeting of Clan Byrne it was reported that a further 3,000 euro was raised in aid of MS Ireland by members of the Byrne family of Cloncurry and Kilcock.

Mr. Edward Byrne Jnr. organised two charitable walks over the May bank holiday weekend in 2012 and 2013 which raised over 26,000 euro for MS Ireland, the clan’s chosen charitable cause.

This year, a smaller event was held in Dublin and raised just over 3,000 euro brining the total amount raised by the family to almost 30,000 euro in three years.

Finte O’Broin see this kind of work as being important for all clan societies to make them relevent in a modern world. It is also a great way of organising clan events and getting members of clan societies to work together for a common goal.

Mr. Edward Byrne Jnr. was presented with the the clan society’s highest honour, the Merit Order of the Raven in May 2012 for his work in raising funds for various charitable causes and in particular MS Ireland.

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