Gay Byrne Accepts Clan Merit Award

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Gay Byrne, Broadcaster and Chairperson of the Road Safety Authority, has accepted the Merit Order of the Raven, the highest order Finte O’Broin can award.

Mr. Byrne also hopes to attend the Clan O’Byrne gathering event at Ballinacor in Wicklow on July the 20th where he will  be presented with his insignia by Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne.

Should Mr. Byrne be able to attend he has also agreed to unveil a memorail plaque to Fiach Mac Hugh O’Byrne which will mark the exact place where he was captured and executed by the English in 1598.

We are delighted by Mr. Byrne’s support for our gathering event and we look forward to celebrating two of our most famous clan members on the 20th of July.

For more information on our gathering event, please see the main page of the website and click on Gathering 2013.

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