O’Byrne of Ranelagh (Gabhal Raghnaill)

 “…, the corruption of the Tudor administration, with its land-hungry incomers, coupled with the inability to accept the O’Byrnes as true citizens of the Tudor state, led to the rise of the O’Byrnes of Ranelagh. Long the underdogs, they emerged in a bright sunset of Gaelic culture, as protectors of a dying culture, and their mountain fastness of Glenmalure became a refuge of the persecuted, a last bastion of Gealdom.

Feach Mac Hugh O’Byrne was a player in the international politics, a national hero, and the greatest hero, and the greatest military genius of the Gaelic military resistance. (Rothwell-Byrne:2012)

Chieftain of Gabhal Raghnaill

Fiach Mac Hugh O’Byrne (d.1597)
Phelim O’Byrne d. 1630 at Ballinacor in Wicklow – married Winifred O’Toole.
Brian O’Byrne
Hugh O’Byrne
William O’Byrne
John Byrne
Lawrence Byrne
Bernard Byrne (1775-1829)
Lawrence Byrne (b. 1795)
Colonel Charles Borromeo Byrne (1847-1924)
Major Charles Lawrence Byrne (d.1927)
Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne (b.1923)

(Source: The Peerage)

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