Happy Christmas from our Patron & President

Earlier this month, I invited our Patron Lt. Col. Charles Artuad Byrne, who is now a young man in his 90s, to send me a greeting for all our members at Christmas. Below is the message which Charles has sent.

At this time of year, we receive an upsurge of interest in Finte O’Broin as many people at home in Ireland and overseas become more cognisant of the importance of family ties, family history and traditions.

On behalf of all at Finte O’Broin, I would like to wish all Byrnes, wherever you may be a very happy and loving Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  Derek Byrne

Christmas Message from Lt. Col. Charles Artaud Byrne – 2018.

Dear Derek,

Greetings to each Clan Byrne member with every wish that the member and Clan procreate and prosper. 1949 was the year I first set foot on my Great Great Grandfather’s soil at Ballinderry Hall near Rathdrum and Crony Byrne.  In 1818 he brought his wife, Mary Russel Byrne, five daughters and three sons to America aboard a packet that landed miles from the Atlantic at Alexandria, Virginia, on the Potomac River a few miles below Washington. Despite the madness of today’s world I believe Ireland and the United States are positioned to share a strong and bountiful future. A growing Finte Broin will find its place and earn its share.


Certavi et vici,





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