New Year’s message from our Patron Lt.Col. Charles A. Byrne

As 2015, with its burden of heavy events propels us into 2016 one ponders the fate of western Christian civilization and her magnificent achievements in Europe, America and across the globe crowned as they are by governments established by the people themselves securing their God given sovereign freedom.

The brilliant emerald in the western crown, the Irish people and their land, gleams today as it will as long as  humankind last. The bright inextinguisable glint flashing from that gem is Clan Byrne.

Clans men and clans women! Let us fill 2016 with achievements brightening the light from the Emerald Isle in the western crown.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

Certavi et Vici,


Lt. Col. Charles Artuad Byrne, Patron, Finte O’Broin, The International Association of Byrne Clans

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