Recipients of the Raven Medal of Merit

Recipients of the Raven Medal of Merit


The ceremony of presenting insignia to the first recipients of the award took place at St. Catherine’s Church on Thomas Street in Dublin on the 24th of July.

Lt. Col. Charles Artaud Byrne – Created Patron of the award and Chief Companion.


Mr. Derek Byrne – Created Keeper and Companion

Mr. Eric Byrne TD (Patron’s Award)

Dr. Phyllis Burke

The Rev. William David Byrne

Mr. Edward Byrne Jnr.


The ceremony for presenting insignia and presenting new recipients with the award took place on Saturday the 20th of July at Fananierin on the Ballinacor Estate in Co. Wicklow.

Mr. Myles Byrne (Patron’s Award)


There were no nominations


There were no nominations


Nominations to be announced

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