Renaming of Merit Award

The Executive Committee of Finte O’Broin have decided after careful consideration and consultation, to dispense with the term “Order” and any relevant language thereof in relation to the clan society’s merit award.

As and from Thursday the 8th of October 2015, the award will be known as The Raven Medal of Merit.

The reason behind the change is based on the fact that Orders were never part of the ancient Brehon system in Ireland. The rational behind creating an award of merit in the first place was merely to recognise the activities of those who have brought honour and dignity to the Byrne name and was never intended to bestow bogus titles or otherwise on its recipients.

Finte O’Broin is an autonomous organisation with over 300 registered member families world wide. We are not members of Clans of Ireland, however, the organisation was officially recognised by Wicklow County Council in 2013 through a grant which contributed to our Gathering event at Ballinacor, in County Wicklow in July of that year. This event was also attended by the Lord Mayor of Wicklow.

Finte O’Broin remains one of the most active clan societies in Ireland raising an average of 10,000 euro a year for charity and contributing to a number of history societies including the Emmet and Devlin Society and the Napoleon Society of Ireland.

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Derek J. Byrne,


Finte O’Broin

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