Christmas Message

Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne, The O’Byrne of Ranelagh.

Going back to Faolan, the 18th  Christian King of Leinster, we Byrnes represent an ancient deep and wide ranging clan that still breeds the long secietal sinews, the multi-generaltional families, who enable Christian civilization to succeed.

On Christmas 2012, we can rejoice in the birth of our Lord Jesus, marvel at how He has favoured us since, and hope to merit His support as we gaze into the coming centuries.

A very Merry Christmas to you all.


The Christmas message from Charles Artaud Byrne, The O’Byrne of Ranelagh, reminds me of the importance of family, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. A family can provide strength, support and stability in these testing economic times.

At Finte O’Broin, we have joined together as one universal family, the family of O’Byrne, and wherever you find yourself this Christmas I hope you will feel part of that family by spending time with those you chrish most.

Wishing you all peace and prosperity in the coming year.

Merry Christmas,


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