O’Byrne of Downes, Cloncurry and Kilcock

“The O’Byrnes of Portrushin may well be the ancestors of various Byrne families in adjoining parts of counties Kildare and Carlow. It could well be that they had descendants at Cloncurry, Kilcock, Naas, Prosperous, Clane and Caragh. If this is indeed the case then these families belong to the O’Byrnes of the Downes”. (Byrne-Rothwell:2012:165)

Cloncurry and Kilcock

Edmund O’Birn of Ballinakill (d. 20th October 1737)
John Byrne of Cloncurry – (wife unknown) buried with his father Edmund at Clonmore Churchyard.
James Byrne of Johnstown Naas (d. 1784) – Hannah (1742-1791)
James Byrne of Naas – Anne Dunne
Edward Byrne (b.1801) – Elizabeth Lyons married 1831
James Byrne (1834-1913) – Rose Dawson (1836-1902) married 1865
Edward Byrne (1872-1945) – Elizabeth Connor
John Byrne (1912-1967) – Anne Howard married 1935
Edward Byrne (b.1943) – Phyllis Dixon married 1964
Derek Byrne (b. 1965)

The Ballymanus connection

Hugh Byrne (d.1707) – Mary Byrne (daughter of Edmond Byrne of Ganaun)
Garrett I
Garrett II
Garrett III
Eleanor – William Anderson
Juliath Anderson – Lawrence Dawson
Rose Dawson – James Byrne married 1865
Edward Byrne (1872-1945)
John Byrne (1912-1967)
Edward Byrne (b.1943)
Derek Byrne (b. 1965)

(Source:The Byrnes and The O’Byrnes, Volume 3)

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