O’Byrne of St. Gery in France

Armorial of O’Byrne of St. Gery

“Edward Henry and his wife Gertrude are described in the family memoir as a couple of great faith and religiosity, but they were also remembered as formidable and strict grandparents. They would not tolerate any sort of rudeness from the grandchildren, and indeed they had to stand in the presence of their grandparents in an atmosphere of utmost formality.” (Byrne-Rothwell:2010)

Edward Henry 1800-1862 Married Gertrude daughter of the marquis de St. Gery 1828

Count John O’Byrne 1834-1905 Married Yvonne du Chevron du Pavillon

Edward b. 1904 Married Marie de Bockar

Henri b. 1933 Maried Chantal – the current Count and Countess de St. Gery


Byrne-Rothwell;2010 states that “There are many marriages and living descendants of the family not included in the pedigree” which appears in volume 2 of The Byrnes and The O’Byrnes.

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