The Byrne DNA Project

Finte O’Broin is linked to the Byrne DNA Project under the management of Paul J. Burns.  If you are interested, or would consider taking a DNA test then contact him at Pabloburns@comcast.net.


This Family Project aims to:

1. Help researchers of common or related families work together to find their common heritage  (See the Patriarch Page).

2. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile them and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through Y-DNA matches.


The name Byrne(s) has many phonetic similarities, and their different origins have caused much confusion. A few of these are: Beirne, Birne, Birney, Bourne, Bournes, Breen, Brien, Burn, Burne, Burnes, Burness, Burns, Byrne, Byrnes, O’Beirne, O’Byrne

Many of us without verifiable paper trails have depended on oral history for our ancestral linkage, and have found this to be inaccurate. In Ireland there was the Clan O’Byrne of Leinster, the O’Beirne sept of Roscommon, the Muinter Birne of Tyrone, the MacConboirne of Mayo, the O’Braoin/O’Breen of Westmeath, the MacBraoin/MacBreen of Kilkenny and other as yet unidentified groups whose Gaelic names were anglicized to Byrne, Burns, Breen or another of the above.

Similarly, in Scotland there were several groups of Burns and Burness—in Argyll, Kincardinshire, Ayrshire, and east Teviotdale—that may be of common origins, or may be completely separate. Some of these migrated directly to far lands, while many went to Ireland, and later their descendants moved to America or other countries. DNA finally has given us a tool to sort out this confusion and help us identify which of the many ancestral possibilities we each can claim.

This project will endeavor to separate clans, septs and families with surnames similar to Byrne, and trace each back to its origins. Since surnames are passed down from father to son like the Y-chromosome, this test is for males only with one of the above, or similar, surnames. Since this is a Y-chromosome surname project, we cannot include mtDNA information in it, nor can we accept members whose link to our surnames is through a maternal connection. We urge those people to find a male relative with one of our surnames. Howweever, such people are welcome to post a surname pedigree on this web site (Project membership is not required to post pedigrees).

The project also aims to provide evidence of common ancestors for genealogical researchers in their quest to pool resources, so by joining, members agree that the administrators may upload test results to Ysearch and other databases, as long as identities and privacy are respected.

This project uses Family Tree DNA to do its testing, and although FTDNA offers 12, 25, 37, and 67-marker tests, we require at least 25 markers. The 12-marker test tells us nothing. An applicant is urged to select the 37-marker test as a minimum, and we strongly urge the 67-marker one.

Project Goals

To separate the various groups with surnames phonetically similar to Byrne(s).

  1. To connect each member to his appropriate group, such as the O’Byrne clan of Leinster, the O’Beirne sept of Roscommon, the Burns sept of Argyll, or any other group or family.
  2. To determine the origins of other as yet unknown groups whose names are phonetically similar to Byrne(s).

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Finte O’Broin

On the  Finte O’Broin website we put other Byrne clans up simply because most enquirers will not know which Byrne clan they belong to.  We do not want to mislead enquirers into thinking that they belong to the Leinster clan, or that there is only one clan.  If a researcher knows what county their ancestor came from our website will help them.  Then, if they are male, they can take the DNA test.  For female enquirers that is not possible because only the ‘Y’ chromozone can be tested – however they may have male relatives whom they can ask to consider taking the test.  If not, then the history section of this site does provide rough guides as to what Byrne clan is associated with what county.  This is also useful for reserchers who are not of the surname but interested in a female Byrne ancestor.

Membership of Finte O’Broin – The International Society of Byrne Clans/Clan Byrne of Leinster

Membership of Finte O’Broin is free and by virtue of birth right, name, or desent.  If you would like to become a member or register your family pedigree, please click here


We encourage you to set up your own clan organisation as part of Finte O’Broin, for example Clann O’Broin of Place name or Clan Byrne of Place name. A clan is defined as a family commonly bearing the same surname or believed to have a common ancestor. For more information contact Derek Byrne at derek@clanbyrne.com.

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