Finte O’Broin hits the 200 member mark!

We are delighted to announce that we now have 200 hundred registered families and individuals around the world.

Today our 200th member registered with the organisation which in the two years since we began has also raised almost 30,000 euro for charitable causes, has established a Clan Order of Merit, has held a very successful gathering event and unveiled a memorial plaque to Feagh Mac Hugh O’Byrne on the very spot where he was captured and executed.

These are just some of the fantastic achievments of our organisation and we will continue to add to these in the years ahead.

Unlike other clan organisations, membership of Finte O’Broin is free of charge and by virtue of birth right. We do not proclaim fantasy claims to Chieftainships but through a combination of dna and documentary evidence we promote the guardianship of the ancient lineages of our clan so that they may be maintained for generations to come.

For further information on our work and future projects, please visit the website on a regular basis or contact me at

Thank you,

Derek Byrne,


Finte O’Broin.

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