Dixon Pedigrees

Dixon – Hussey Pedigree

The following pedigree is taken from pages 45 and 46 of The Peerage of Ireland by Mervyn Archdall.

Rollo – Duke of Normandy (846 – 931)

The Hussey family claim descent from Rollo, Duke of Normandy. The Dixons of Meath descend from Sir Hugh Hussey who was sent to Ireland by Henry II.

Sir Hugh Hussey = Sister of Theabold Fitzwalter, 1st Butler of Ireland

Walter Hussey = Agnes, daughter and heir to Hugh de Lacie (Grandfather of Egidia de Lacie)

Hugh Hussey = Daughter of Adam de Hereford

William Hussey = Catherine Fitzgerald, a daughter of the House of Kildare

Sir John Hussey (1st Barron Galtrim) = Marian, daughter and heir to Simon Geneville of Culmullen               (October 1273), son of Sir Geoffrey Geneville of Culcullen, L.J. of Ireland.

Edward Hussey = Margaret, daughter of the house of Ormonde

Peter Hussey = 1. Anne, daughter of John Cusack, 2. A daughter of the House of Leinster

  • Version 1.

Mathew Hussey (of Moyle Hussey: 1406) = ?

Walter (Nicholas) Hussey = Mary , daughter and heir to Sir Edmond Eustace of Castlemartin, Co. Kildare

John Hussey = Catherine Plunkett, daughter of the house of Dunsany

Patrick Hussey = Anne Delahyde

Nicholas Hussey = Catherine, Eldest daughter of Sir Christopher Barnewell

Patrick Hussey = Cahterine, daughter of John, 3rd Lord of Trimelstown (Patrick was living in the time of Q. Mary and Q. Elizabeth.

James Hussey  = ? (died in 1603)

The following version is taken from A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland by Bernard Burke.

  • Version 2.

Mathew Hussey (of Moyle Hussey: 1406) =

Nicholas Hussey = Susanna Plunkett, daughter of Lord Dunsany

Walter Hussey = Mary, daughter of Edward Eustace of Casltmartin

John Hussey = Catherine, daughter of Sir Christopher D’Arcy of Platin

Walter Hussey = Mary, daughter of Sir John Barnwell of Crickstown

Nicholas Hussey = Anne, daughter of Lord Trimelstown

Meyler Hussey = Ealanor, daughter of Robert Barnewell of Rowston

Walter Hussey = Ellis Plunkett, daughter of the 2nd Baron Louth, 9th Baron Killeen and sister of the 1st Earl of Fingal

Thomas Hussey = 1. Elinor, daughter of Nicholas Wogan of Rathcoffey (7/11/1575), 2. Anne Plunkett. By his former wife he had;

Anne Hussey = Frances Makewy of Ballyneskeagh House, Co. Meath (about 1630)

Margery Makewy = Andrew Dixon of Troman House, Enfield, Co. Meath.

Gilbert Dixon 1637

William Dixon 1675

Gilbert Dixon 1709

Patrick Dixon 1745

Michael Dixon 1780

Christopher Dixon 1810

Patrick Dixon 1851 = Mary Killeen, great, great granddaughter of Arthur 7th Earl of Fingall

John Dixon 1881

John Dixon 1916

Phylomena Dixon 1947 = Edward Byrne 1943 / Donal Dixon 1951 of Castleknock in Dublin

Derek Byrne 1965

The second lineage would indicate that we descend from the 1st Earl of Fingall through Nicholas Hussey. We also descend from the 7th Earl through Mary Killeen who was his great, great granddaughter.

Byrne – Dixon – Makewy – Agard

Derek Byrne 1965 / Edward Byrne 1969 /

Phylomena Dixon 1947 / Donal Dixon / 1951

John Dixon 1916

John Dixon 1881

Patrick Dixon 1851

Christopher Dixon 1810

Michael Dixon 1780

Patrick Dixon 1745

Gilbert Dixon 1709

William Dixon 1675

Gilbert Dixon 1637

Andrew Dixon 1609 of Troman House, Enfield, Co. Meath Married Margery Makewy b. C 1605

                                                                                                                                    Francis Makewy 1580

                                                           Mary Agard 3rd daughter Married William Makewy b. 1560

                                                           Rt. Hon. Francis Agard (1529 – 1577)

                                                                 Sir Thomas Agard of Foston Derbys (1499 – 1549)

                                                                 Sir Ralph Agard (1461 – 1516) Father and son died same year

                                                                 Sir John Agard (1430 – 1516)

                                                                 Sir Thomas Agard of Foston Hall, Derbys b. 1403 (2nd son)

                                                                 Sir Thomas Agard b. 1370

The Rt. Hon. Francis Agard was sent to Ireland by Henry VIII as a member of the Privy Council of Ireland, Receiver of Irish Revenues and Governor of Wexford. His second daughter Cecily married Sir Henry Harrington and it is he who erected the monument to Francis over his tomb at Christchurch Cathedral.

Francis was the younger brother of The Rt.  Hon. Sir Thomas Agard of Foston Hall in Derbyshire. His Father, our direct ancestor was also The Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Agard of Foston Hall in Derbyshire. As Francis only had female heirs, this branch of the Agard line died with him. The pedigree above represents a direct and fully documented descent from one of King Herny VIII’s most trusted friends and confidents. He was also a tutor to the young King Edward VI for a time.


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