Guardians and Representatives of the Name

Finte O’Broin has officially lobbied the Office of the Chief Herald and the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affairs to establish a register of Irish family pedigrees and to adopt the system of Guardian of the Name.

A Guardian – “One who guards or takes care”

At Finte O’Broin we do not recognise ancient Irish titles or lordships but we have adopted a system of what we call “Guardianship”. This is where a person with a reasonably well proven link to a Name, may be recognised as the “Guardian” of that Name.


 The current Guardians of the Name recognised by this organisation are;

Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne, Guardian of the O’Byrne of Gabhal Raghnaill (Ranelagh). Charles is the direct descendant of Fiach Mac Hugh O’Byrne as listed in “The Peerage”.

Count Henri O’Byrne of St. Gery in France, Guardian of the O’Byrne of Crioch Brannach and Newrath. Genealogical evidence points to his being of the the Newrath family who in turn were the senior branch of the Crioch Brannach line. (Ch. 18: Vol 3. The Byrnes and The O’Byrnes).

Derek Byrne of Dublin, Guardian of the Downes line. The Cloncurry and Kilcock family are the most likely known line connected to this pedigree. (Ch. 18: Vol 3: The Byrnes and The O’Byrnes).

Obviously, due to the changing nature of genealogy, this situation can change at any time with the emergence of new evidence. But for the moment the individuals named above are the custodians of their family pedigree and charged with protecting or “guarding” it for future generations.

Guardians of the Name are presented with The Guardian Star, a silver badge specially designed for Clan O’Byrne of Leinster.

Order of Wearing - The badge is presented with which a red sash which can be worn across the right shoulder, alternatively the badge may be worn on a military or evening jacket.

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