The Raven Medal of Merit – Charter


The Raven Medal of Merit

A private Clan award for members of Finte O’Broin

This medal was established on the 1st of January 2012 as a private award granted to those who bring honour and dignity to the Byrne name. It is a private award of two classes, Chief Companion and Companion which have no official recognition outside of Finte O’Broin.

The Patron of the award is Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne, O’Byrne of Gabhal Raghnaill (Ranelagh), best claim hereditary Chief and Guardian of the Name.

Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne is also the senior Companion of the award and is granted the designation, Chief Companion of the Raven.

The Keeper with responsibility for the financial upkeep of the award is Derek Byrne, O’Byrne of Downes – Guardian of the Name.

The Protector of the Raven Medal of Merit is St. Benedict, said to have been protected from an assassination attempt by a raven who stole some poisoned bread intended to kill the saint.

The motto of the award is taken from words enscribed on the cross of St. Benedict “Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux, Non Draco Sit Mihi Lux”, which translated means, “May the holy cross be my light, let not the dragon be my overlord”.

The Raven Medal of Merit will be conferred on no more than five recipients per year. One of these awards will be specifically for bringing honour to the Byrne name in the public arena.

All recipients must be members of a Byrne Clan.

All recipients of the Raven Medal of Merit receive the designation  ”Companion of the Raven” whether male or female.

The Award Committee is made up of the existing award recipients who make submissions to the Keeper before the end of October each year. New recipients are agreed by the Award Committee and announced on the 1st of January each year by the Keeper on the Finte O’Broin website.

The insignia of the award is a solid silver medal with a raven embossed on the front surrounded by a wreath of olive branches. On the reverse is engraved the O’Byrne coat of arms with the words “Raven Medal of Merit” engraved above and below.

The insignia hangs from a red and white ribbon depicting the colours of Clan O’Byrne.

The Patron and the Keeper wear the medals of the Patron and the Keeper on a red and white ribbon about the neck.

These articles are agreed by the members of the Executive Committee undersigned and may be subject to review by the members of the Award Committee at any time.

As witnessed by our hand and seal this day the 24th of July 2012 and amended on the 7th of October 2015.

Lt.-Col. Charles Artaud Byrne        _______________________________________

Derek J. Byrne                                   _______________________________________

Edward Byrne Snr.                            _______________________________________

Edward Byrne Jnr.                             _______________________________________

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