A very happy New Year to all our members and friends

On behalf of Lt. Col. Charles Artaud Byrne and all at Finte O’Broin, I would like to wish all our members and friends a very happy and prosperous New Year and all good wishes for 2018.

We especially think of our members overseas away from Ireland at this time. We receive many messages from Byrne clan members from all over the world in the run up to Christmas and New Year as people become more aware of their homeland and their heritage.

It has been my privilege to reply to the numerous emails that I receive all year round to welcome people to Finte O’Broin. We are a vibrant and active clan society with representatives around the world keeping our strong heritage alive.

2018 will hold some surprises for Finte O’Broin which we will keep you updated of via the website.

In the mean time, may I wish you all a very happy New Year.

Certavi et Vici,

Derek Byrne CLJ,

O’Byrne of Downes.

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